The Price of Compromise

I had to follow up what I shared with you about compromise.  It made me think of the price of compromise.

When we compromise on God’s Word we compromise our own integrity.

When we compromise we settle for less then intended for us by our Heavenly Father.

I could list the many Biblical examples of compromise but there is one that hits closer to home for me.

In the summer of 1993 we tired of traditional religion and denominational thinking.  We wanted to worship the Father in Spirit and Truth and to experience the freedom of the Book of Acts Church.  So, after much prayer, we started a Home Fellowship that started with 12 people and one year later had grown to over 40 people filling our family room.  From the moment it began we saw signs and wonders and a free flow of the Spirit that is etched on our minds even today.  We were bringing the homeless into our home for fellowship and food.  Many got saved, got off the streets and were healed of their addictions.  One man, on the verge of alcohol poisoning from a three day Vodka bender, ran out of our home just before a service.  We chased him outside to see what was wrong.  Through his blue lips and violent tremors he said he could feel his body shutting down and didn’t want to die in our family room.  From the looks of his hands and what I saw on his face I knew he was telling us the truth.  I grabbed him by the front of his shirt and said “You not only won’t die but the Lord is going to heal you!” and physically dragged him back inside.  As we continued on with praise and worship I suddenly saw a commotion in the kitchen.  I turned to see this man jumping up and down, stone cold sober, and screaming “I’m healed!  I’m healed!”.  When word of the healings and move of the Spirit spread we grew quickly.  It was an exciting time.

In the summer of 1994, almost a year to the day the Fellowship began, as I stepped into the family room to start things I heard the Lord say to me, “The season is over.  Shut it down”.  In the seconds it took me to get from the kitchen to the pulpit in the family room I began negotiating with the Lord.  “Is that really you Lord?”  You see, I had just left a job with State Government and gone full time in ministry two months prior.  “What will I do for income? If this is you Lord I will let You shut it down”.  In mere seconds I had gone from Isaac (God’s perfect will) to Ishmael (God’s permissive will).  I know the Lord’s Voice.  He and I have had a conversational relationship from the day I got saved.  Instead of trusting Him as we did when we started the Home Fellowship I began to negotitate with God as Abraham did in regards to Ishmael.  Fear of the unknown kept me from being obedient and in a split second I went from His perfect will to His permissive will.  I have no idea what blessings I missed out on because I did not obey.

He did shut it down.  He let it die over the next 6-months until there was just one or two other people fellowshipping with my family and I.  No more miracle signs and wonders.  The move of the Spirit stopped coming and so did the people.  I felt it die and I knew that I had missed God.   That failure to trust Him and follow His will for me is something I will never forget and never let happen again.  Over the next few months He ministered Grace to my broken heart for failing Him and taught me that it’s out of love we should obey Him and His Word.  If we love Him we will do what He says because we know it’s His best for us.

That’s the thing about compromise and the fear that inspires it.  It has a price.  Settling for less then His best is costly.  That price is both external and internal.  Abraham understood that when he could not wait for the promise of Isaac to be fulfilled and gave birth to Ishmael.  When the promise of Isaac was fulfilled the two sons could not coexist.  Obedience and compromise cannot coexist.  And, was there ever a price for this compromise.  The conflict between the perfect will of God and the permissive will of God continues to this day in the Middle East.

When you compromise you concede to do less then the Word and accept that worldly decision as the right one for you.  That’s like being drinking a diet soda with a candy bar and claiming to be on a diet.  The two cannot coexist together and the outcome is less then intended.  Having one foot in the Kingdom and one foot in the World is like have one foot in one boat and the other foot in another boat.  It’s impossible to sustain.  Sooner or later they will drift apart and you will fall.

Fear will keep us from doing what God wants us to do.  Fear of the unknown and fear of failure will cause us to settle for less.  At those moments we don’t trust God to honor our choice to be obedient.  The fact is when we honor God He honor us.  When we do not honor Him we dishonor ourselves.

Some of you know what I mean.  You live with that feeling right now.  It eats away at you and the price of it confronts you every time you wake up.  If you want release from it simply repent, put it under the Blood and get right with the Lord.  If there’s something you were supposed to do, do it.  Resolve to never compromise on the Word or His will for you again.  When something is compromised it is exposed to danger and disgrace.  Why risk that?

What areas of your life are compromised right now?  Find them and fix them.  Don’t settle for less then His best for you.

Accept it, embrace it and receive it.  You’ll be glad you did and so will He!
Shalom & Blessings,
Richard J Grund

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The Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot begins sundown October 2, 2009 to sundown October 9, 2009

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