An Open Letter to the Fallen – Heaven Serves Notice

Lately I keep hearing the song Bad Boys from Inner Circle in my spirit. You know it. They use it as the theme for the reality TV Show “Cops”:

Bad boys bad boys
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
when they come for you
Bad boys, bad boys
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
when they come for you

And, while it’s not meant to be a “spiritual” song it has inspired this blog.

At first, I thought the song was about the recent UFO sightings and current view that some sort of alien deception is upon us. I was going to write this from the perspective of trying to get you to wonder what you would do if “they” came for you. Would you go with them? Would you run? Would you stand and fight back in the Name of the Lord? (As a point of reference I fall into the last category)

However, as I sat here this morning I realize that it’s not a song being sung to the Body of Christ but a song being sung to Satan, the fallen angels and their demonic offspring. While some people would be too religious to believe the Spirit can sing Reggae I believe He can use anything and everything in the Universe to make His point. And, making a point He is!

So, I guess this blog becomes an “open letter” to the fallen:

John 1:1-3 ( NKJV ) 1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2He was in the beginning with God. 3All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.

Psalms 33:6 ( NKJV ) 6 By the word of the LORD the heavens were made, And all the host of them by the breath of His mouth.

Nehemiah 9:5-6 ( NKJV )
“Stand up and bless the LORD your God
Forever and ever!
“Blessed be Your glorious name,
Which is exalted above all blessing and praise!
6 You alone are the LORD;
You have made heaven,
The heaven of heavens, with all their host,
The earth and everything on it,
The seas and all that is in them,
And You preserve them all.
The host of heaven worships You.

You worshiped the One who spoke you into existence on the 6th day at the beginning of time. He called you by name. The first thing you saw in creation was Him, your Creator. The first voice you heard was His. And, yet you forgot what He had done for you and instead of worshiping Him you desired to be Him.

You lied to and deceived His children in your desire to strike back at Him. You tricked them into worshiping you and giving you His children as a blood sacrifice (Zephaniah 1:5). He alone is worthy of worship and adoration.

You lie, steal and destroy what is His and think you will get away with it.

You blaspheme His Holy Name and shake your immortal fists toward the Throne Room as if you have the power to back up the threats.

Play your tricks in the sky with the blinking lights and tales of another gospel. Make foolish men believe you are something more then you are. Portray yourselves as angels of light and your demonic offspring as ministers of righteousness but your words and deeds give you away. There is no life in you or what you offer. The dead cannot give life and darkness cannot overcome the Light of the Holy One.

You left your Holy Habitation, fooled yourselves into thinking you were “gods”, chose a lesser, darker existence and the Lord of Hosts says “So be it”. All of the wooden idols, icons and foolishness men have offered to you shall sink into the Lake of Fire with you (Matt. 24:41).

Do you hear the rattling of the chains of judgment that shall enwrap around you (2 Pet 2:4; Jude 1:6)? Do you hear snorting of the Heavenly stallions and the rustle of the armies of Heaven awaiting the Father’s command (Rev. 12:7-9) notify you that your time is short? The Word of the Lord is clear.

Zephaniah 1:7 ( NKJV )
7 Be silent in the presence of the Lord GOD;
For the day of the LORD is at hand,
For the LORD has prepared a sacrifice;
He has invited (consecrated; set apart) His guests.

And, His guests have been given a Great Gift. A Promise has been fulfilled and the same Spirit that pulled your particles together is inside of them. The same Word that spoke you into existence has been given to them for their use against you. Truly, in both Heaven & Earth, the Word of the Lord is against you this day and the days to come.

Whether it is your Heavenly brethren or the newly empowered children of Mine that have ALL of My Authority at their disposal, the only question remains…

Bad boys bad boys
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
when they come for you
Bad boys, bad boys
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
when they come for you

And, from the North, South, East, West and Heaven itself…

Richard J Grund, in service to The King Registered & Protected

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Fallen – Heaven Serves Notice

  1. Heather

    I wrote a prayer request on the “contact us” form and put in the code but it would not take it.I need agreement prayer and people who know how to fight . So that’s you guys… would you please write me and let me know where I can send my request to. In case you don’t get my em address off this blog it is I rarely ask anyone for prayer,but I know you guys are for real and have insight and power to stand on the Word.I want to believe that there are actually other believers who care and walk the talk… so I am asking…
    Oh, and tell Joe I have no idea if his accent is more NY or Boston…I just know I heard a “cadence” in his voice that spoke strength and joy to my spirit when I heard him speak.It was a crack up you mentioned it on air.You men are great and I am just thrilled to actually know that there are obedient men of God who are strong and tenderhearted! Jeez R, the butterfly story was awesome! And the vids were a trip.
    I just got a court summons in the mail today in regards to an eviction from my home where we have lived/rented for 18 yrs. That’s why I am asking for prayer.God has shown me to stand against this injustice as I have done nothing wrong ,except stand up to their not fixing things ( for years ) so they evicted me.In this state that is called a Retaliatory Eviction and is illegal ,however now I need a lawyer to go to court.I would have cowered and not stood against this wrong ,but God has shown me to not do that.I am a single Mom ( since my son was 3) and we have lived here 18 years w/ us never doing anything wrong. Whatever, it is just too long and hard to talk about right now. I just wanted someone to stand w/ me and you guys know how to do that…and then some !
    Thanks, and I am listening/hearing w/ revelation to the shows.
    P.S. There is NO fellowship here and forget the “churches” my last friend has gone by the wayside mostly and I am alone… not to sound all dramatic it is just the way it is. There once was a great move of God that started here, but everyone has been taken out.Great, strong,Spirit filled young people who are are now “old” and make excuses. I am still here…I still believe .We have a place called Mental Physics ( in Joshua Tree, Ca.right next to Y.V.- it is on the web)that boasts 15 portals … what do you think about that ? You spoke of portals on air ( I think on Fortson’s or Marzulli’s interview)so I was wondering if you had more info I could read. All I know is the body here has been ravaged, and the last time I went to a fellowship ( in 2007) it was bad… the Spirit told me to leave…doctrines of demons and Baal… and these were the people I was called w/ to the ministry years ago and we actually started a Church in 1982 , but that’s another story.I had to go home and study that out. I mean I had heard of it ,but what was going on? I better go as I am becoming sad writing and trying to explain.I must stay strong now. Any thoughts are appreciated,and thanks for praying.
    Oh ,and Happy Thanksgiving. I am cooking for me and my son regardless of all the bad stuff…. God told me to !
    Thanks again guys !


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