An Alien Conspiracy Theory from an Alien’s Perspective

An Alien Conspiracy Theory

As told from an alien’s perspective

By Richard J Grund

It’s been a long wait.

Dawn of time and all.

He raged.  He plotted.  He failed.

And, we all fell.

The plan went into play.

The edge in his silky voice gave his doubts away.

A kingdom here.  A country there.  Too many souls to count.

Then, the Sign.

The Fig Tree was blossoming.

Operation Deception initiated.

For  a deception to work we must mimic the Real.

Then we saw what He was doing.

So, we did it too.

Seeds planted, watered, groomed and prepared for harvest.

A boom of babies they called it.

We called it a buffet, a smorgasbord, a feast.

Some were His.  Some were ours.  All were claimed.

Move.  Counter move.

Feint, block, strike.

Final Phase came with the cries of Jubilee.

In the shadows we whispered “not for you but for me!”

The flares of our last move pierced the heaven’s gates.

Our fathers heard that announcement and stirred in their graves.

Wait, what is that?

Eye witnesses found, our actions exposed, our plans revealed?!

No, that cannot be.

We were told they would not see

Our deception demanded a deception.

Double feint for one big blow.

If they believe what they see they will say what they know.

Our scheme will be revealed and all will be lost.

They are proof of our existence but not for long.

They must not know nor believe the truth.

A serpent’s hiss in a friendly voice.

A whisper in a willing ear.

“It’s all a lie, a deception, an illusion” don’t you see.

Don’t listen to them.  Listen only to me.

There is nothing to tell because nothing happened.

They are so desperate for relief they will believe the lie with eyes wide open.

Never knowing who or what has spoken.

No one notices that the salesman is not like them.

No one knows what he knows or where he’s been.

He is not a victim, not a witness but has the loudest voice.

Just a weak, willing vessel who desires what he does not earn.

So desperate for relief he will smear the honey to soothe their pain.

Spread and smear again again!

We will lick that honey away and consume them before they awaken.

In gross denial they will be taken.

We did it before we will do it again.

Move on.

There is nothing to see here.

No victims, no testimony, no truth but what we say.

Sleight of hand and mirrors in the dark keep the curious away.

In 1000s of year these creations of His want what they can’t afford.

They buy what is not real because they won’t pay full price.

If only they knew that they get what they pay for.

And, all because they rejected the price He paid.

Would not listen to what He said.

They cry for Eden and so do we.

A return to Noah’s day you’ll see.

What did He expect from dust and clay?

It’s almost time and nothing left to say.

Ignore the warnings.

Just step this way.

Just step this way. Registered & Protected

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